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Girne Amerikan Üniversitesi Kurucu Rektörü ve Yöneticiler Kurulu Başkanı Serhat Akpınar ve Yazar/Yönetmeni Ferhat Atik ortaklığı ile gerçekleştirilen konseptinde dünyada bir ilk olan Geleceğe Mektuplar Belgeseli; GAÜ & PreQuel Production çalışmaları ile tamamlandi ve geleceğe gönderilme heyecanı ile emin ellere teslim edildi.

Girne Amerikan Üniversitesi`nin özel olarak koruma altına aldığı bir oda ve kasaya GAÜ Kurucu Rektörü ve Yöneticiler Kurulu Başkanı Serhat Akpınar ve Belgeselin Yönetmeni ve Senartisti Ferhat Atik tarafından bir basın toplantısı ile yerleştirilen proje, 25 yıl sonra açılmak üzere kasaya kilitlendi.

Serhat Akpınar ve Ferhat Atik biraz da an`ın mutluluğundan koydular kasaya...

Montaj sürüyor...

An'ın ölümsüzlüğü, varlığın anlamsızlığı ve hiçliğin yüce değerine gönderme yapan bir sanata hazır mısınız?

GELECEĞE MEKTUPLAR BELGESELİ ana montajı tüm hızı ve tüm duyguları ile devam ediyor. Girne Amerikan Üniversitesi vizyonu ile gerçekleşen projede 25 konu, 25 konuk ve 25 mekan; ilk kez 25 yıl sonra izlenmek üzere artık kayıt altında.

Son çekim

Geleceğe Mektuplar Belgeseli'nde sona geliniyor. Çekimlerin sonuncusu bugün (04 Eylül 2013) HP'de gerçekleşecek. Yine önemi bir konukla, 25 konumuzdan birisini daha konuşacağız. GAÜ Vizyonu ile süren projede sıra çocuk resimlerinin toplanması, montaj ve anıt tasarımında...

Montaj devam ediyor

Geleceğe Mektuplar Belgeseli'nde montaj aşamasına gelindi. 25 yıl sonra izlenebilecek olan belgeselin bu alanda ilk olması heyecan yaratıyor. Proje çekimlerinde sona yaklaşırken diğer yandan montaj işlemleri de başladı.

Çocuklarmız geleceğe resim çiziyor...

Gerçek geleceğimiz olan çocuklarmızdan resimler toplamaya başlıyoruz. 25 yıl boyunca saklanıp, 25 yıl sonra sergilenecek resimlerinizi bekliyoruz. Tüm çocuklar ve tüm ailelere çağrımız, gelecekte yerlerini almaları içindir. Çocuklarımız geleceğimiz, gelecek çocularımızındır...

Resimleriniz için sitemideki iletişim bilgilerini kullanabilirsiniz.


Geleceğe Mektuplar Projesi çerçevesinde, yol kayıtlarının ardından söyleşilerimiz devame diyor. GAÜdeydik. Vizyonun merkezinde vizyonun kendisi ile Serhat Akpınarla konuştuk. Projemiz tüm aşamaları ile devam ediyor...

Yol çekimleri tamamlandı

Geleceğe Mektuplar Projesi çerçevesinde devam eden yol çekimleri tamamlandı. Kuzey Kıbrıs`ın tamamını içeren yol çekimleri boyunca, ana arterler yanında geniş alanlı çekimler gerçekleştirilerek arşivlendi. Ülkenin her yanı kayıt altına alındı.
“I wish you all Divine power, good luck and eternal success
for your work.”


“Future emerges with a vivid progress. Despite thereof,
man is unmindful of Divineness of the “future” among
the daily life and thus omits the fact that the future is
an upcoming concept rather than stable and expected...”


As has been observed, each one of us is defeated by it, and surrendered as the time flows. Nevertheless, the present era emphasizes the significance of being permanent and conveying cultures to the future. Since it is the disappearance of us, communities and more significantly the cultures as the time swiftly carries all creation away. This is the main reason for combining Letters to the Future with GAU vision and building a cultural project for future inheritance.The walk for the future commenced with a documentary that willhold the vision to convey our present to the future, a quarter century ahead, to preserve the present, prevent the loss of meaning and allow its value to proceed.

Our documentary, with the vision to live without being confined to the present and the awareness of the fact that the present is a frequent pass-by concept, will prepare you for an emotional journey.

The project which is drafted under the intenseness of these visions has also a mission to prove the existence of ideas, addressing the world from our Island and small scale geography. Hereby we commentate on the existence of our ideas in a global scale as the ones orbiting in the same direction as the global world.

No geography places value on those who reside within it. This is the same for the Cyprus Island... May be this is the reason for communities to embrace art and culture in order not to be left behind. Thus this is the exact reason for me to create this project. In an aim to witness what has been planted today to grow and blossom in tomorrows. In order to write the letters of our hopes and post them to the future...

Bearing in mind that ‘Survival’ is bound to art, to culture and to technology as the effect reflected to the present; let us seek the future... To the time after 25 years...

Welcome to our future...

“Letters to the Future”Project is a project that commenced via interviews. Together with Ferhat Atik, who is both the script writer and director of the documentary film, we are discussing the next 25 years in 25 special Cyprus sites with 25 individuals. Hopes, expectations, dreams... We will think together about what will happen or what we want to be occurring after 25 years in this land with all the guests’ specified areas of concerns!

Maybe Cyprus is the most laborious for asking this question or questioning this concept. Nevertheless, this will be a project to convey hope and enlighten our dreams. 25 people are questioned in regards to 25 years and their answers are recorded during the commentaries for the filming purposes.

Filming is progressing in 25 historical and the most special sites of our country for conveying them to the future.

Project will hold the concept of collecting utopic drawings from 250 children and letters from 250 adults.

The most unique character of the project is indeed that the documentary will be screened after 25 years. Our documentary will be preserved under special conditions in order to be presented after a quarter of a century to the viewers as an emotional and cultural heritage.

Production implementation:Antrakt Production
Project Publicity:GAÜ Halkla İlişkiler Merkezi
Project Corporate Design and Logo:Müge Doluay, Image Group Advertising
Media relations:GAÜ Basın Merkezi, GAÜ TV
Technical support:Orsa Tech Production & Hamidi Advance Ltd. & Zakoğlu Yay.

Above names are responsible for above mentioned fields of duties.


Ministry of Tourism, Environment, and Culture
Directorship of Foundations
Dept. of Ancient Work of Arts and Museum
Religious Affairs Department


The project is progressed under Serhat Akpınar and Ferhat Atik production, under Girne American University and Prequel Production partnership.

The team scheduled under this concept of work is as below;

Director / Scenario : Ferhat Atik
Project Coordinator / Editing Director : Raşit Özgür
Project Consultant : Olgun Üstün
Director : Fatih Yılmaz
Graphics Director : Burçin Canateş
Editing/Animation : Eren İnan
Editing Graphics : Hamide Dürüst
Szilvia Dankhazi
Camera : Ali Arda Erdemli
Egemen Saraç
Barış Gürüzoğlu
Original Music : Emre Pehlivan
Set Assistant : Aral Bayraktar
Atik Bayraktar
Make-up : Selin Maydonozcu
Legal Advisor : Av. Sezi Sıdal
Site / Artistic Consultancy : Gökhan Şengör
Technological Consultancy : Eralp Curcioğlu

I know that I am asking this question in the most difficult geography!
Future is planned in the majority of the world. Nevertheless, one must know that the greatest plan belongs to Allah.

We struggle to solve basic problems in limited fields under limited time. Despite this, we certainly deserve as much as the rest of the world to dream, to convey our dreams to the future and most importantly to have the chance to see the realizations of our dreams.

Based on this, “Letters to the Future” as a vision and memory project, we have the right to seek to see the people in this geography to have a smile on esthetical and emotional projects as such other than daily basic problems. Furthermore, with an honour of realizing as the first in the world together with GAU...

It is a fact that; 25 years is a long timeframe for humans but short for communities. Solely, 25 years in this geography is a long period for each one of us.

Maybe we must seek to dream to be part of a community and a country that plans the longest future...

Hope to be real... To be able to say “WE HAD EXISTED”


I found a video cassette from my family’s archive in 2008. It was a video record that belonged to me and my family, exactly a 25 year old record. It had a record of a family dinner held in a dining hall. It was the first time for me to see myself during those times 25 years ago. It was an emotional and affecting moment for me.
Then later I realized that I had a hard-to-bear pain inside me since I had no possibility to observe what is outside of the hall, outside of the window 25 years ago. Nevertheless, I really wished to see.

It seems as if no one has ever done this. Time flows and it also washes away our individual memories.

Moreover, we are forgetting our memories.

I began to think that at least the upcoming 25 years can be preserved and be remembered.

While commencing the project journey with such an emotion, it combined initially with dear Olgun Üstün’s and only later with Serhat Akpınar’s vision. As a significant presiouc element of the future, Serhat Akpınar and Girne American University had a warm welcome and pleasant emotions for the partnership of the project.

The joy for cooperating with an institution with such a vision had commenced at this point.


Atik was born on 11 August 1971 in Nicosia/Cyprus. He has completed his primary and high school education in Arabahmet Primary School, ŞehitHüseyinRuso High School and LefkoşaTürk Secondary School respectively. He studied Economy, communication and cinema both local and abroad for his undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate degrees. He had published over five thousand articles in various gazettes and journals both local and abroad which brought him great number of awards.He undertook TV and Radio programs, directing, production and presenting under Bayrak Radio and Television Institution of TRNC State Radio and Television. He is the first announcer for Bayrak FM, which firstbroadcasted July 1994 and Kıbrıs FM in 1997 under Bayrak Radio and Television Institution.

Over fifty research and scientific article on media were published locally and in abroad. He had realized over 50 conferences, seminars and workshops as a speaker and administrator regarding the same concept. He was the founder and member of board for many NGOs. He attended as jury for thesis, short film and media. He acted as trainer and director for many educational groups regarding his field. He provided training forscenario, novel, prose and philosophy literature.

FerhatAtik was the editor for the first internet gazette ‘Kimgazet’ of Cyprus while during the same period he had published articles, researches, poems, essays and stories in KıbrısGazetesi and DördüncüKuvvetMedya as permanent and also in many local and international journal, gazette, internet, literature journal, thought and philosophyjournal and also edited various books other than his own books and scenarios.

His first book ‘İpekYolu’(Silk Way), is an essay and poem type of book. It was published as double print in the years of 1997 and 2001. He also has a crime fiction featured to be the first in Cyprus which was published on December 2006 named ‘Sonbahar’ (Fall). His Sonbahar named novel is soon ready for second print. He has a novel published in 2009, named ‘OyuncakAraba’ (Toy Car) describing “love in the middle of the war” and also sold in Turkey. This novel has the second print. Furthermore he has wrote script and directed many short films screened in Italian RIFF and international film festivals.

He recently continues as aCoordinator in TRNC Higher Board of Broadcasting since founded and daily columnist in HABERDAR Gazetesi and social media (#FerhatAtikYazilari) since his contributions to GünlükBetikGazetesi and Star KıbrısGazetesi.He is a member of 11 literature organizations based in America, Europe, Turkey and Eurasia.

Beside his short films and scriptsFerhatAtik has series scripts from “SeherVakti” and the novel of ‘OyuncakAraba’ and a feature-length film from the novel of Sonbahar.FerhatAtik also has a poetry book named ‘ÇifteLiman’ (Double Port) published on September 2011 after 14 years. The feature-long film ‘Anahtar’ turned into screenplay from the novel named Sonbahar and produced by Prequel Production and realized the premier night as a ‘preview’ in the 48th International Antalya Golden OrangeFilm Festival, also screened as a ‘preview’ in 31st Istanbul Film Festival on 4th of April 2012 and held the premier night at the homein Girne American University and was released on 9th of March 2012 in TRNC and 8th of June 2012 in Turkey thus emerging as the first 35mm featured-long film of North Cyprus. Furthermore the ÇifteLiman poem book and Cyprus’ first “Apple Application”-OyuncakAraba of FerhatAtik- had the 2. Press byDestekYayınları in central Istanbul and sold across Turkey in February 2012.FerhatAtik also penned a biographic novel- “VakitVarken” (When there is still a Time) –via Cyprus’ famous and rooted families; Adem Kaner and Vedat Kaner Brothers’ lives and published on 8th of April 2012 as the first for its type in North Cyprus. Ferhat Atik, an occupy filmmakers and occupy writers activist, is married and he is a father of one.

Fot further details;

A project to leave a mark for the next 25 years.

* The recordings will be preserved to be unveiled after 25 years.
* A documentary to asset both future and the present as one.

A historical project by Girne American University. “Letters to the Future” is a corporative project of GAU and Prequel Production. The project will be directed and scripted by Ferhat Atik and it will leave a mark for the next 25 years.

Letters to the Future Project is a vision documentary with 25 special fields of topics and interviews held by 25 chosen people. In this unique project, forecasts about various concepts for the next 25 years, photos and interviews from 25 specified sites from all around the country will be prepared and relevant details will be recorded via utilizing a cinematic flow and latest technology thus enabling the present to be conveyed to the future and be eternized. Moreover, future based drawings of selected 250 children under the age of 12 and many special topics which are to be shared during the progress of the project will be recorded with digital technology. The interviews, drawings and additionally the elements which are to be added to the project during the phases will be preserved for 25 years under special technology, and all the materials will be unveiled after 25 years.

The Letters to the Future Project is a vision project to attract attention all around the world, and it is a first vision documentary that proves the significance oriented by Girne American University in regards to thought and vision other than the success in intercontinental education and learning gained from a reformist and progressive vision.

Letters to the Future Monument specially designed by GAU will be erected in one of the avenues of GAU under the project concept and the symbolic keys for the lockboxes, which will be placed in different addresses in which the materials will be preserved, will be placed in this monument. The annual ceremonies and activities regarding the project will be held under the accompaniment of this monument and frames of the periods in regards to the project will be unveiled every 5 years to update communal memories.

Letters to the Future project directed and scripted by Ferhat Atik, will soon constantly acquaint the community and the world through the project website. As a unique project, Letters to the Future Project is titled for being the first comprehensive project to include future oriented interviews, letters of participants and public, drawings of our children, monument building, annual ceremony and vision study within its context.

The aim of the project that includes interviews from various demographic groups of the community and drawings of the children is to preserve the information, documentation and works of art that have been abandoned to the eroding effects of history with the aid of the future technological possibilities thus building an opportunity to preserve many values, valuable sites and warm memories of the country and furthermore to emphasize the flowing and ending concept of the time for the next 25 years.

Letters to the Future holds the meaning of breaking new grounds in the world by producing ideas, and has been further explained to the public by the script writer and the director of the project as below:

Where is the last Venetian? Who is the last Lusignan? No geography do value whom it resides. This is the same for the Cyprus Island... May be this is the reason for communities to embrace art and culture for not to be left behind. Thus this is the exact reason for me to create this project. In an aim to witness what has been planted today to grow and blossom in tomorrows. In order to write the letters of our hopes and post them to the future... Baring in mind that ‘Survival’ is bound to art, culture and to technology as the effect reflected to the present; let us seek the future... To the time after 25 years...Welcome to our future...”

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: Francois-Xavier Ada

: This is one of the things GAU is doing that I truly appreciate. I hope I'll have it in mind to check GAU's website in 25 years to relive some unforgettable memories in Cyprus. Keep it up and please add a more international flavour to the film.

: mervecandan

: Bir hafta önce 70 yıllık bir evi çekim yaptım çok farklı kafamda porjlerim olmuş fkat hislermi fotolarımı rafa kaldırıp sakladım...şimdi bu projeyle karşılaştım inanılmaz....gerçekten..keşke bu projede yer düşündüyse canı gönülden tebrik ederim

: Ali Üncü

: I feel very privileged to have translated this website of unique aim and style. This brilliant idea of conveying present as past to the future is very well expressed through out the website. I as a member of GAU Family wish to see more futuristic and developed ideas in near future.
Best Regards.


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